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Was $199 - Now $149 for one Year Tanning Special

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If you are a Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort member with an active weekly or monthly package, you can experience the luxury and benefits of a Passport Membership for this limited time! All current Passport Members receive a free sample of Autograph, Signature, or Trademark products with each visit to our locations from now until November 18th.Read More

The “Sun Angel”

Only at Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resorts, the latest in German tanning technology. The SUN ANGEL sensor provides the key to a personalized tanning experience. This precision photoelectric sensor gives you an exact analysis of your skin tone – then uses these results to calculate a personal tanning session specifically matched to the skin, giving you a more rapid tan while virtually eliminating the possibility of overexposure.
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The “Physedge Fit”

The Physedge Fit Infrared System can help you lose weight and inches, break down fat, reduce cellulite, and make your skin appear younger all while you read a book, watch a movie, or relax!

You will start to see results after just one hour, and because the effects are cumulative, you may experience dramatic change. Are you ready to get FIT?.
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About Us

Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort is dedicated to providing the ultimate tanning experience for our members and guests. We currently now have Eighteen locations in Hampton Roads, making us the largest tanning salon chain in Virginia. Sundays Blue Box Tanning features only top of the line tanning machines.
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